Cheryl Redmond

Editor and Writer


What do good editors have in common with good pastry chefs? An eye for detail, a precise yet creative mind, impeccable timing, a respect for rules (and a feel for when to bend them), and, most important, the ability to guide the transformation of basic ingredients (whether flour and sugar or nouns and verbs) into sublime results.

In a former life, I was a pastry chef; I have a degree in pastry arts and years in commercial kitchens under my belt. But for the past seventeen years, I've been an editor (and a writer) specializing in all things food related. I've copyedited and proofread dozens of cookbooks, written articles on health and nutrition, developed recipes for magazines and websites, and provided nutrient data for hundreds of published recipes.

Although food is my focus, my skills translate to a wide range of projects, particularly those with a "how-to" aspect.  Let me help you bring your project to fruition.